The art and science of ageing

Exhibition at GV Art, London, until 18 August 2012

Increasing life expectancy in the UK is one of the greatest changes to affect our society in the last years. Over 65s in Britain now outnumber those under 16, with over 85s the fastest growing part of the population. Currently life expectancy is increasing by two or more years each decade, or five hours for every day you live, with no sign of slowing down. The average life expectancy for a child born now is 80.

This exhibition draws together a range of work in which artists examine the effects, the wisdom and achievements of ageing. It explores the phenomenon of increased longevity and celebrates the triumphs and vitality of older age.

This exhibition has been organised by Newcastle University in conjunction with GV Art. It was originally shown in Newcastle at the Great North Museum: Hancock in 2011. During 2010, Andrew Carnie, Annie Cattrell, Valerie Laws and Jennie Pedley, observed the work of scientists within Newcastle University‘s Institute for Ageing and Health, one of the world‘s leading research centres in this area. The artists responded to this ground- breaking research into the ageing process by producing a new body of commissioned artworks and poetry. The other artists in the exhibition have explored ageing from science, social and personal perspectives.